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Ottawa's First BAWI Festival


intl-stone-balance-festival-2012-people-001-smOttawa BAWI Festival August 2012

Every spring and summer along the Ottawa River by Remic Rapids people come to marvel at John Felice Ceprano’s stone balanced art. This past weekend, August 18-19 2012, the area was further transformed during the first ever Ottawa Balanced Art World International (BAWI) Festival. Visitors stood and pointed in awe at the creations by 10 artists from Canada, USA and Italy and were further entertained and inspired by performers in music, dance, theatre and poetry.

Visitors to the site can continue to enjoy these creations for the rest of the year; but once the ice and snow comes, these structures are destroyed! Next spring, Mr. Ceprano will be back, creating new works of art with the stones, as he has done since 1986.

intl-stone-balance-festival-2012-artist-working-01-smOttawa BAWI Festival August 2012

intl-stone-balance-festival-2012-people-003-smOttawa BAWI Festival August 2012

intl-stone-balance-festival-2012-people-bikers-sm2Ottawa BAWI Festival August 2012

intl-stone-balance-festival-2012-artist-working-02-smOttawa BAWI Festival August 2012