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Trick or treat (at 24 Sussex and Rideau Hall!)


lpg6041Trick or treating at the gates of Rideau HallI’m wondering if anyone’s yet told Canada’s new Governor General David Johnston about what’s expected from him in Ottawa for Hallowe’en? He was only sworn in as GG on October 1, and there are certainly a lot of files to cover, but still — he should know!

Every year on October 31, “trick or treaters” of all ages are welcome to visit Rideau Hall – the home and workplace of every Governor General since Confederation — and are greeted by staff (and, in past years, the Governor General herself!) with various goodies! I’ve heard full-size chocolate bars are often the treat of choice.

In fact, just across the street at 24 Sussex Drive, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family usually distribute candy as well.

Happy Hallowe’en!