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Fun at the Christmas party!


What do Ottawa Tourism staffers do at their Christmas party?

Well, we started with a mini-Urban Quest, a sort of scavenger hunt that sent teams of two scurrying throughout the Novotel Ottawa for info to solve a puzzle. The solution was the combination to a safe, with great prizes inside.

We visited a guest room, the lobby, a meeting room, even the pool to gather the clues. The competition was fierce, with Katie accidentally sustaining injuries to her foot (!), before the winners came up with the right combination. Yes, it was Jerry and I who were the first to key in the correct numbers! Karen & Erica, Misty & Tristan, Caroline & Craig, and Alison & Dominic also received gifts.

After a four-course meal, with a rotation of seats after each course to encourage mingling, and before the karaoke (!), we enjoyed another contest, hatched weeks before. The goal was to create the best rap song about the Rideau Canal Skateway. Winners were Janet & Karen, and you can see why here: