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Reserve Ottawa accommodations, compare hotel rates, find hotel deals and specials, and book Ottawa getaway packages and vacations. Reserve an Ottawa hotel then select tickets to attractions, entertainment, festivals and activities to fully explore Canada's Capital. Or select an Ottawa getaway package for unique packaged experiences.

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Third Night half price

See the city for longer - buy two nights and get the 3rd consecutive night at half price at participating hotels.
Price is based on double occupancy. Taxes, transportation and handling fee not included. Subject to availability. Some conditions apply. Prices subject to change without notice. Starting prices vary by hotel and attraction selections. 3rd consecutive night at half price valid only at some participating hotels.

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The BONUS button lets you know which bookings will include additional FREE items during your stay.

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Ottawa accommodations offer a diverse range of well-known hotel chains, resort properties, suite hotels, boutique hotels, inns, B&Bs, residences and have many options not only in the core of the city, but also east, west and south of downtown. Whether you're looking for total luxury or more modest lodgings, Ottawa has the property to suit your needs and budget.

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Bonus Icon The BONUS button lets you know which bookings will include additional FREE items during your stay.

Ottawa Tourism BONUS offers work like this – BONUS offers are property specific and will vary from hotel to hotel. BONUS' are set at $100 dollar increments beginning at $200. Items may not be offered at every increment; you will receive items offered from the hotel you selected at the highest increment level of the pre-tax value of the room portion of your booking. BONUS items do not accumulate as you spend more, rather the value of the inclusions increases and you will receive only what is offered at the level. For example, if the pre-tax room portion of your booking costs $435 and the hotel you selected offers BONUS items at the $500, $300 and $200 levels, you will receive only the BONUS items offered at the $300 level.