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Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada

currency museum

There’s nothing like seeing some cold hard cash up close and personal. The Currency Museum, located within the Bank of Canada on Sparks Street in downtown Ottawa, has the largest institutional collection of Canadian money in the world. Trace Canada’s use of currency throughout its existence, and see how cultures around the world utilize objects such as teeth and bones as forms of payment. Plus, take a crack at picking up a three-ton Yap stone, which is used as currency in Micronesia. (Don’t actually try to pick it up. You may hurt yourself. And get in trouble.)

* Due to renovations of the Bank of Canada’s head office facility, the Currency Museum will be closed until July 2016.


Fast Facts

  • The Museum houses the largest institutional collection of Canadian money and monetary objects in the world, and chronicles the evolutionary of Canadian currency from pre-colonial times to the present.
  • Exhibits trace the origins of money in different cultures around the world - from teeth and bones to coins and paper.
  • One of the Museum's most popular attractions is a 3-ton Yap stone, used as currency in Micronesia.
  • The Collector's Corner features some of the most rare Canadian and international coins and currency you'll see anywhere.
  • A Discovery Room plays host to children's activities.