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Ottawa Seasonal Fam 2012

  • Everything was handled in a professional manner and we still were able to have a great time and make new contacts. We were very impressed with all that the city has to offer. The activities were great and now we know exactly which ones will be suitable for which clients. Winterlude was the perfect time to visit. It was especially wonderful to experience the moonlight snowshoeing and this was a true highlight.     - Voyages Terra Natura Inc.
  • It was a truly busy week for me, but it was definitely one of the best Fam tours I've ever had in Canada, thanks to the well-planned itinerary and your skilful time management. Having had site inspections of 13 hotels, 13 restaurants, 11 attractions & tours and 5 fabulous museums, I'm now one step closer to be an Ottawa expert tour planner. I rediscovered Ottawa as a city of good food and a fun-filled destination for all generations. My next steps are to see the world-famous Tulip Festival, Canada Day events and fall colours in Ottawa!     - H.I.S. Canada Inc. Vancouver Branch

International Market

  • Just a quick word to say many thanks for all you've done for us and for the postcard: that was so nice of you! The walk and your interesting way of telling us about Ottawa were great. Please know that we all loved Ottawa and that we'll certainly recommend it to our clients and friends/family.     - Air Transat Europe
  • The best 3 day Fam I have ever been on! Thank you for opening our eyes to how brilliant Ottawa really is.     - Stella Travel, UK
  • Most impressed (and very surprised) by Ottawa and it is definitely my favorite city in Eastern Canada.     - Canadian Affair, Scotland
  • Ottawa really is a beautiful city I just loved the cleanliness and the cycle ways and the great outdoor life.     - Premier Travel Agency, UK
  • We managed to see some amazing places and do some fantastic stuff. Cycling around the city gave us a fantastic insight into how easy it was to get around and I will hopefully be back one day maybe even do the Ottawa marathon.     - West Gate Travel, UK
  • I am thrilled to know that Ottawa is a Culinary Destination of the Year, wow… I am a bit of a foodie myself and always like to suggest Restaurants for our Visiting Clients.     - HRG, Canada
  • We loved the Ghost Tour and the Civilization Museum. After eating Beaver Tails we heard that the best time to enjoy them is during the winter when you skate along the canal.     - Caprice Travel , USA

Student Market

Student Group Leader FAM (Feb. 10-12, 2010)

  • I have travelled to several different cities with students over the past eleven years. I cannot recommend Ottawa enough as my preferred destination for grade eight students. Not only are the museums and other activities geared towards young, energetic students, as a teacher I love to see students make connections towards topics they have learned over the past year. There are also many active activities within the city that gives students the opportunity to "burn off energy", so that they can listen attentively during passive activities, like chatting with a vet at the War Museum.     - Gandatsetiagon P.S (Grade 8)
  • I have always enjoyed the student trip to Ottawa with my's one of the best destinations to take students for a few reasons: the curriculum connections are priceless and offer endless learning opportunities in our nation's capital. We love being able to see Sussex Drive, Parliament Hill, not to mention the culture and art we see through museums and galleries. It's an excellent place, no matter what.     
  • The FAM tours hosted by your company are class personified. I appreciate and value how much you try your best to take care of teachers that do the planning to make trips possible. The experience to Ottawa last year was wonderful.     - Central Park P.S. (Grade 7)
  • Everything from the service to food and accommodations were great. The city has many attractions that students would enjoy and appreciate.     - St-Clare C.E.S (Grade 8)